How to download our SugarCRM Thunderbird Extensions

Opacus currently offers two version of the SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension: Professional and Standard, both of which are hosted with Mozilla Add-ons (Why do we use Mozilla Add-ons?).


The professional version of the extension costs $24 per user per year and requires a licence key to function. You can obtain a free 10 day trial licence by visiting the trial licence registration page.

The professional version adds support for custom modules, automates both inbound and outbound archiving, allows the creation of SugarCRM objects from within Thunderbird and comes complete with contact synchronisation and enhanced search options. Install the add-on from the Mozilla site and either buy or try by registering here at

Buy Professional Licences Download Free Ten Day Trial


The standard version of the Opacus Thunderbird extension allows basic searching and archiving of inbound and outbound mail from within Thunderbird to your SugarCRM instance.

The standard version is free. Available since around Christmas 2010, it has already been installed over 3,500 times. If all you need is a quick and easy tool to archive your mail to SugarCRM, download from Mozilla now.

Download the Standard Edition


Upgrading from the Standard to the Professional version is as simple as uninstalling the Standard, downloading and installing the Professional and signing up for a licence key. You will need to re-key your SugarCRM details in the preferences window.

Why we use Mozilla

Hosting our Thunderbird extensions through Mozilla Add Ons offers these excellent benefits for our users:

  • Updates: When we fix bugs and add new features, users are notified by Mozilla of a new version and are prompted to download the update. This allows us to very quickly roll out these fixes to everyone using the extensions.
  • Validation: Mozilla check our add-ons to ensure they work well with Thunderbird and meet their privacy and technical standards. We get to have our code checked by top developers, our users get peace of mind.