The Opacus Thunderbird extension will allow you to automatically archive inbound emails based on the to addresses, searching for Contacts and Leads by email address. For outbound mail, an additional 'Send and Auto Archive' button enables you to send and forget - the extension will look up SugarCRM records and automatically archive the mail as part of the sending process.

Using the extension preferences you can specify email addresses / domains that should be ignored when auto archiving - for instance add your own domain to keep internal mail out of your CRM.

Your SugarCRM address book - in Thunderbird!

Select the Contact sync option under the Tools menu and all your SugarCRM contacts are immediately available.

The Opacus Thunderbird extension provides a lightning fast sync of all your contacts (~2,000 contacts a minute for initial sync, ~2 seconds for subsequent syncs). Choose to obey the 'Sync to Outlook' flag in SugarCRM, sync just your own contacts or sync all those contacts accessible to you.

Mass Archive multiple emails at the click of a button

The Thunderbird extension provides the ability to mass auto archive (perform an individual look-up in SugarCRM per mail and archive to any contacts or leads found) your email. Just purchased the extension and don't have all that history in SugarCRM? Select your old mails, choose the Auto Archive option and let the extension plump out your customer records.

Easily configure the extension options

The Professional extension adds such a wealth of features its preferences window needs tabs. Sensible defaults for these settings mean you can just install and use, but power users will appreciate the fine grained control.

We're keen to provide as many features as our users demand, and have a page for upcoming changes. If you'd be using the extension but for a missing required feature, let us know on the forums and we may be able to help.

Create SugarCRM objects directly from Thunderbird

Just searched for a contact or lead and got no results? Simply click Create and the drop down list provides you with the option to create Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases and Accounts.

Intelligent lookups pull down your drop down lists from SugarCRM so you can always choose the right sales stage, case type or lead source even if it's custom. A quick-search box for contacts (and accounts, depending on which type of record is being created) makes it trivially easy to build those vital relationships between records.