Plugin features in detail

The Opacus Outlook plug-in will allow you to automatically archive inbound and outbound emails based on the to/from addresses on the mail item. You can choose to enable this feature for Cases, Contacts and leads for Inbound,Outbound or both depending on your requirements.

Using the plug-in preferences you can specify email addresses that should be ignored by the auto archiver.

Syncronise Contacts, Appointments, Calls and Tasks with Outlook

Access your days activities from Outlook as well as SugarCRM.

The Opacus Outlook plug-in will allow you to synchronise your SugarCRM Contacts, Meetings, Calls and tasks from SugarCRM to Outlook and vice versa.
This allows you to keep both systems up to date at the click of the a button.

Mass Archive multiple emails at the click of a button

The Opacus Outlook plug-in provides the ability to mass archive your email removing the need to archive missed emails one by one.
When multiple emails are selected in Outlook the plug-in provides a context menu (right click) option to automatically archive all of your selected emails.

Quickly find your contacts using the SugarCRM Addressbook

When sending an email to a customer you might not always have there email address to hand, this means opening up SugarCRM, locating the customer and copy & pasting the address into the relevant Outlook recipient fields.

The Opacus plug-in makes this much easier by providing an address book in the "New Mail" ribbon that allows you to search and find the email addresses you are looking for without leaving Outlook.

Create SugarCRM objects directly from Outlook

With the Opacus SugarCRM Outlook plugin you can create SugarCRM objects such as Contacts, Accounts, Cases, and Opportunties without having to leave Outlook.

Quickly create Cases from received emails using the Subject and Body details of the received mail.