Version 3.* release notes

Build: v3.0.5751 (30/09/2015)

- Fixes issues where you could not choose to show related accounts in the contextual sidebar

Build: v3.0.5743 (22/09/2015)

- Fixes issue with clicking records in the contextual sidebar

Build: v3.0.5737 (16/09/2015)

- Fixes issues with fields missing from contact sync
- Fixes issues with fields missing from appointment sync
- Fixes issue with sidebar defaulting to show all related records (improves performance)
- Fixes issue with clicking vs checking records in the sidebar

Build: v3.0.5655 (26/06/2015)

- Fixes issue with meeting end dates being lost during sync
- Added automatic linking of SugarCRM contacts, leads and users to synced meetings when "Sync meeting attendees" is enabled

Build: v3.0.5639 (10/06/2015)

- Fixes issue with sidebar record links when default sort is changed
- Fixes issue with exceptions being thrown when sending a new meeting invite
- Fixes issue with "account_type" field not being mapped in the object creation tool
- Removed option to maximise some forms
- Fixes issue with blank email when using "Send & Archive" button
- Fixes issue causing connection problems with some SSL enabled servers

Build: v3.0.5624 (26/05/2015)

- Fixes issue with created leads missing the first name
- Fixes issue with automatic archiver including the senders address in lookups for outbound emails
- Fixes issue with prospects not showing in the contextual sidebar
- Fixes issue with not being able to customise the case subject matching pattern
- Fixes issue with connection issue notifications when not connected to a local network

Build: v3.0.5598 (30/04/2015)

- Fixes issue with missing ribbon buttons for calendar item sync
- Fixes issue with assigned user being overwritten for records that are synced

Build: v3.0.5570 (02/04/2015)

-Fixes issue with the plugin failing to load - caused by duplicate category short cut key assignment

Build: v3.0.5567 (30/03/2015)

- Fixes issue with records not being set to a team when created by sync
- Fixes issue with meetings being created with the wrong start/end date in SugarCRM

Build: v3.0.5560 (23/03/2015)

- Fixes issue with sync process incorrectly identifying records as modified or not modified since the last sync date
- Fixes some missing label translations

Build: v3.0.5542 (05/03/2015)

- Fixes issue with email address retrieval for lookups on some mail items
- Performance improvements for Outlook 2010 users with IMAP accounts and large amounts of emails

Build: v3.0.5540 (03/03/2015)

- Fixes issue with automation settings being lost for some users after restart of outlook
- Fixes outlook locking issue caused by build 3.0.5539

Build: v3.0.5539 (02/03/2015)

- Fixes issue with Outlook 2010 IMAP accounts archiving email before it has been fully downloaded (when download headers only is enabled)

Build: v3.0.5536 (27/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with inconsistent "message-id" property detection
- Known Issue: IMAP email accounts with Outlook 2010 don't automatically import inbound email (effects all previous versions)

Build: v3.0.5533 (24/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with LDAP authentication
- Fixes issue with attachments(notes) not being linked to the parent email record
- Fixes issue with distribution list address identification when searching and archiving

Build: v3.0.5532 (23/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with embedded images in outbound emails causing the archiver to fail
- Fixes issue with sync tool bar not showing on calendar tab in Outlook 2013
- Fixes issue with missing call icon in Outlook 2010
- Adds the ability to mark/unmark all records in the active folder for syncing

Build: v3.0.5529 (20/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with crash during contact sync when looking up company names

Build: v3.0.5526 (17/02/2015)

- Fixes issues with names and exchange user references being saved instead of actual recipient email addresses.

Build: v3.0.5525 (16/02/2015)

- Further fix for issue with sent items being related to incorrect records because of empty message id

Build: v3.0.5522 (13/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with sent items being related to incorrect records because of empty message id

Build: v3.0.5520 (11/02/2015)

- Fixes issue with exceptions in log file when using the object creation tool
- Fixes issue with horizontal scrollbars on sidebar listviews
- Added prompt for license/connection settings on fresh install or misconfiguration
- Duplicate emails will no longer be created if the email has already been archived by somebody else

Build: v3.0.5506

- Fixes issues with some emails/attachments not being archived
- Fixes issues with synced objects (Tasks/Meetings/Contacts) not following user filter
- Fixes issue with recently viewed click throughs not working

Build: v3.0.5498

- Fixes issues with settings not saving/loading for some users

Build v3.0.5497

- Fixes issue with object creation tool not listing all users
- Object creation tool now searches after creating a record from the archive window

Build v3.0.5496

- Fixes issue with broken attachments

Build v3.0

- New UI
- Support for Outlook 2013
- Use of SugarCRM's faster REST API
- Improved load times
- Improved record synchronisation (Batch processing means large quantities of records are no longer an issue)
- Improved manual archiving process
- Improved automatic archiving process
- New contextual search sidebar for faster archiving
- Fixes for various issues that have plagued version 2.0 users.

Known Issues

- SecuritySuite extension for SugarCRM CE causes "Access Denied" errors. Please make sure you have sufficient privileges configured in the extension to allow access to all areas of the CRM