Opacus SugarCRM Outlook Plugin v2.1 Released

You can now download version 2.1 by visiting the link below.


This version includes...
Built in custom module picker
Dropdown options are now loaded from SugarCRM’s custom language files
Ability to Create calls
Automatic sync based on a set interval
Right click context menu now loads on a separate thread to stop menu lag
Right click context menu now searches on the to/from/cc/bcc addresses based on the type of email inbound/outbound
Updates & Config backups are now stored in the users app data folder to fix permission errors
People using newer web servers with Expect 100 continue option set no longer receive connection errors
Automatic archiver runs In the background with a queue system and improved performance
Added option to include items marked for sync in SugarCRM (contacts)
Added option to include appointment attendees when syncing meetings
Improved UI layout/design and language translations
When creating Contacts/Opportunities etc the account name field will auto complete when typing
You can now search by account name when using the address book
Various sync issues resolved.
Improved error handling and logging
Improved UI feedback and usability